Outcome Measurement Objectives

The Arc of Riverside County’s Measurement of Program Objectives

Each year, our Director of Programs, Barbara Vincent, prepares a Management Report on the effectiveness of the services we provide to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We have posted here visual representations of how each service is doing with respect to a number of different goals.  These measurements are part of an extensive Report that is shared with staff members, managers and the Board of Director.  This report is also available to our funding sources, consumers and family members, and to the public upon request.


Annual Customer Satisfaction with the Overall Quality of Services Fiscal Year 2011-2012

Brockton Resource Center 2011-2012

Moreno Valley Resource Center 2011-2012

Riverside Resource Center 2011-2012

Ray Strebe Resource Center 2011-2012

Community Employment Services 2011-2012

Advance Enterprises Beaumont 2011-2012

Advance Enterprises Riverside 2011-2012