Riverside Resource Center
5105 Jurupa Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504

Phone: (951) 788-0747
Fax: (951) 788-0754

Program Manager – Margie Moreno
Email – mmoreno@arcriverside.org

The Program
The goal of the Riverside Resource Center (RRC), is to provide long-term services to adults with developmental disabilities. Our services are for those who are in need of full-time programming to ensure the development and maintenance of functional skills required for self-advocacy, community integration, employment and self-care.

Services and Supports
At the RRC, we cater to adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. The individual’s needs are of the highest priority. With a low consumer-to-staff ratio, we ensure proper one-on-one instruction.

Training Offered
The Arc believes that proper training leads to expanded opportunities. This is why we offer expert training at the RRC in the following areas:

Self-help skills;
Activities of daily living;
Vocational skills;
Community awareness; and
Social interaction skills.

Joining the Program
To determine an individual’s eligibility for attending the RRC, please read the list below. The individual must be:

Developmentally disabled with a primary diagnosis of mental retardation;
At least 18 years of age;
Free from behavioral and medical conditions which pose hazards to themselves, others and/or agency property;
Able to tolerate a six (6) hour program day; and
In the process of acquiring self-help skills.

In addition, individuals should be referred to our program by the Inland Regional Center.

Riverside Resource Center shifts focus to Art
Each month Riverside Resource Center chooses a culture to study. During the month of May they studied the food, clothing, and rituals of the Mexican culture.

Beginning in June, Riverside Resource Center will be transitioning into their Art Program. We are working closely with the Riverside Art Council to bring in local artists who would like to share their craft with RRC. Some of the different art mediums they will be studying include ceramics, photography, weaving, art appreciation, and dance.




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