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Resource Centers      

Resource Centers

Resource Centers


Advance Enterprises  – Riverside

Advance Enterprises  – Beaumont (Adult Resource Center)

Riverside Resource Center

Moreno Valley Resource Center

Brockton Resource Center


*Services offered at each resource center varies to meet the needs of the individuals we serve.


Adult Day Services

The goal of our Resource Centers is to provide long-term services to adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Our services are for those who are in need of full-time programming to ensure the development and maintenance of the functional skills required for self advocacy, community integration, employment and self-care.


Activity Center

Activtiy Center


Job Training, Job Placement & Supported Employment

The placement of our clients in supported employment within our community is a key component of our overall mission. The Arc’s job training program creates and provides job opportunities for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. 

Help us place willing and able workers in jobs throughout the community, individually and in groups. Visits Advance Enterprises to see how we can best fit your subcontracting needs HERE.

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